New UDK Released

February UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

iOS Rendering

  • Added support for uniform color multiply mask

    • Documentation can be found here


Mobile Scaleform

  • Added full support for Scaleform user interfaces on iOS devices


  • Integrated ReCast navigation mesh toolset, which provides fast and robust generation of navigation meshes

Unreal QualitySwitch material expression

  • A new material expression that enables you to make High and Low quality versions of a material

    • Controlled by a switch in the material editor within the Utility Group, called QualitySwitch
    • The quality mode used is based on video settings.   Similar to the Resolution and World Detail settings,  Material Quality can now be set to low for older computers

Unreal Landscape

  • You can now save and share foliage settings in packages

Unreal Editor

  • New “Create Sub-Archetype” feature added to Content Browser.  Right click on Archetype assets to create sub-archetypes
  • Material editor: Added “WorldPosOffset” category to the right click menu

New and Updated UDN Pages


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