v2.4 Beta Available

v2.4 of Unreal X-Editor is now available. I am releasing this update mainly to resolve high CPU usage and sluggish performance. Click on “Check For Updates” to download this version.


–Fixed a rare issue where Dock title’s wont show on startup
–Fixed highlighted text non-readable on color schemes
–Fixed high CPU usage when idle
–Fixed sluggish performance


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  1. Hi, nice work on this piece of software but I see You’ve got a long way ahead;

    At least for me the code autocompletion doesn’t work or I don’t get how it should work in this editor.

    Additionally search in package viewer doesnt do anything usefull, just opens up every package.

    There are more things to do – It would be nice to have filters support as in visual studio and support use of UE3 instead of only UDK. It works with overwriting the executable location but shows bad config – think of it

    Big + from me for supporting easy direct run and compilation within code editor window – good job on this one. Also the looks are great, they are far enough from making another visual studio clone and yet they are nice, clean and You get used to them instantly.

    Make those changes I mentioned above and go commercial for commercial use with ultra low price compared to nfringe and You will get big market share


    • Hi SaperPL. Thank you for your comment :)…You are right about Autocomplete and Package Viewer. I got to improve them.

      I dont have UE3 so i dont know how it works. If i ever get my hands on it, I’ll update the editor to support UE3 :). By the way, I didnt understand what you mean by this: “It works with overwriting the executable location but shows bad config”. Can you please explain it.


      • Ok, so in UDK we have /UDK/Binaries/UDK Lift.exe
        At least in my case UE3 has //Binaries//.exe

        If i set as udk installation directory in your settings window and then change my exe manually i get everything working ( meaning the game launch and compilation etc) but you display info about invalid UDK directory(meaningless thou)

        So what You probably need to do is search through the Binaries/Win32 folder and list the executables to select as launch binary.

        Anyway If You had working autocomplete in earlier versions let me know when You get it working πŸ™‚


  2. ups, tags got removed,
    I wanted to say:

    Ok, so in UDK we have /UDK/Binaries/UDK Lift.exe
    At least in my case UE3 has /GameName/Binaries/Architecture_Win32_or_Win64/Game_Name.exe


    • So you opened Settings menu —> Browsed and selected UE3 installation and then you chose “Game_Name.exe”. But still it shows “UDK Installation is not valid”. Right? The reason is my editor looks for “UDK.exe” or “UDK.com” inside Binaries/Win32 folder. Quit Unreal X-Editor and create a file called “UDK.com” inside your “/GameName/Binaries/Win32/” and that error will go away.

      EDIT: Forgot to mention that autocomplete is there. It takes 1 or 2 seconds to show up. πŸ˜€


      • Cool, Its not a problem to just leave it like that for now, I just informed You how it looks in UE3 so u can take care of it in future releases.

        About the autocomplete – it doesnt look like its working for me. I’m on x64 if it does matter, Using UDK-2011-12 to test it. Is there a trick to use it? i click one letter or dot after some object and theres no pop-up with methods and variables


      • Type in if or UT or ab or ex or any two words and you’ll see autocomplete. In the next update autocomplete will appear quickly.


      • OK, this one does work but i understand now its far to be complete. My own variables and methods ain’t autocompleted. Autocomplete should appear after any letter or after class object+dot and show every methods and variables within current class/function(for starting with part of word) or selected object(after dot). At least its how it does work in most code editors.


      • Yes. I’ll improve it in future updates. πŸ™‚


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