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v3.0 Class Usage Finder

I’ve added some features which i believe will save a lot of time in development. One of the feature is “Class Usage Finder“. In the below screenshot, you can see some of the new options after right clicking on my selected class name.

Click to see larger image

In the below screenshot, you can see what happens after selecting “Find usages for AK_Weapon“. It will display the results with where you used the class name, Line Number and location of that script file.

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Another v3.0 Screenshots

Hello everyone…I’ve been working on v3.0 for quite sometime and now i decided to postย  two new screenshots.

In this screenshot, you can see a new Template window with some tutorial buttons that re-directs to some of the most popular and useful UDK/UnrealScript tutorials. You’ll be able to submit new Presets, Snippets and Tutorials which i’ll include in each update. I have improved Ribbon customization too. Now user can right click on any Ribbon icon and add it to Custom Page (NOTE: Custom Page can be renamed to whatever name you like).

Click for larger image

And in this screenshot you can see its now possible to open the original UC File which you extended from with a single click.

Click for larger image

Cant wait to share it with you guys! ๐Ÿ˜€

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