[Tutorial] UDK Scaleform Ammo Display on Weapon

This tutorial shows you how to display weapon ammo details on your weapon itself using Scaleform and UnrealScript. With this technique you can create Doom 3 style ammo display.


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  1. Nice, I will try this


  2. cumsavinzisufletul

    Hey do you know how to make a camera shake in-game,I mean when the player is playign the game,not on cinematic.


  3. This isn’t working for me.
    I’m using an unwrapped model because frankly I don’t know how I’d otherwise texture the model properly. The plane with the ammocount is turning the right way. I did set the polygon ID’s correctly. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


  4. To elaborate this with more detail..

    The ammo display isn’t showing on the polygon that has the respective ID assigned to it but if I remove all materials on the weapon asset and only put up the material for the display it shows up all over the weapon as well as showing neatly on the ammo display it is assigned to even if it isn’t on the correct material ID slot in UDK. And yes, it isn’t a problem with material IDs assigned in 3ds max. Normals aren’t pointing the wrong way. The code is 100% upper and lowercase precisely identical to yours. I’m at the end of my wits.

    Alas this all sounds a bit negative, but I’m thankful for the tutorial it’s given me insight and new ideas and I’m sure I’ll eventually figure out what I’m doing wrong.


  5. Hey men, how’re you? Hope fine, friend. I’m really new in the unrealscript part and I have a problem, and it is that the tutorial is awesome, but I need a more simple script for a simple HUD such as mine, I only have, in the bottom of the screen, in the right side, a small background with a gun, a bullet and two dynamic texts, one next to the gun for the chargers, and the second next to the bullet for, obviously, the bullets, also, I have in the center of the screen a point that is my crosshair. So, I need that the two dynamic texts recognize the total of my bullets and chargers, and obviously, whenever I shoot the weapon, the dynamic text with bullets decrease, and the same for the chargers but when the bullets come to 0. I hope I have explained because I don’t speak english, I speak spanish 😀 haha. If you want to help me, please, response the message or contact me in my mail. Thanks men, and again, GREAT TUTORIAL!


  6. josiah brooks

    i liked the ammo displays from halo


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