New feature: QuickLoad

So i’ve been working on v3.1 of Unreal X-Editor and i wanted to share this feature called QuickLoad that will be available in version 3.1. When you press (Ctrl or Shift or Alt) + Q a new text field will appear where your mouse is. Here you have to type your script name and it will instantly show the results with script file location. Here is a screenshot:

QuickLoad feature


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  1. looks great, but maybe think of adding a feature like Microsoft Visual Studio’s Intellisense so it’s easier to use


  2. I could help you with intellisense if you want. I think this tool is awesome and I like it, but I wish the auto complete went deeper. Plus the full intellisense feature would make this over the top awesome


  3. Hi i seem to be having a problem everytime i click Alt+Q or Ctrl or shift +Q it makes a ping noise and does nothing please help


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