v3.1 Now Available

New version of Unreal X-Editor is now available. Click on “Check For Updates” (ONLY FOR v3.0 USERS!!) to download or visit Downloads page.


–New QuickLoad Feature
–Improved startup update system
–Code Explorer now shows functions in the order that they are in the class, instead of alphabetical
–Unreal X-Editor will now try to save all open scripts when Unhandled Exception occurs
–Unreal X-Editor will no longer open a duplicate if the file is already open
–Users can now change Word Highlight Intensity
–New Preview window to preview color schemes
–New right click menu for each file in Package Viewer
–New right click menu for each file in INI Tree
–New right click menu in package viewer to create folder
–Added No Content Browser option for UDK Editor
–Added Update Game Asset Database option for UDK editor
–Added Ignore warning in compile options
–Engine/Core files will now skip saving when compiling if readonly mode is selected
–Users can now select custom compiler
–Package Viewer now shows *.uci files
–Removed Tree Color Settings and introduced Embed Selection Color and Caret Color
–INI Tree will now show only *.ini files
–Fixed Update Size text not updating properly
–Fixed Startup crash on some systems
–Fixed Class Reference showing multiple results
–Fixed issue with curly bracket

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QuickLoad feature

QuickLoad feature


About Satheesh (ryanjon2040)

Genuine Unreal Engine user

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  1. hey, i have a strange bug on win8 – background color of code editor cannot be changed, no matter what i set in settings it always gray gradient; screen: http://i.imgur.com/UXTFe.png


  2. Awesome work!! I might start modding again :D. I was wondering if you can add Linux support..


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