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[TIP] Renaming UDK Game Window Title

This is a quick tip on how to change your UDK Game window title which is displayed in window mode. Here is an example screenshot.

UDK Title Window Renamed

UDK Title Window Renamed

To rename, open up DefaultEngineUDK.ini and under [URL] section change GameName to the name of your own game. Thats it!! Run your game in window mode and see your Awesome Game Name!. 🙂

Here is a screenshot:

Click for larger image

Click for larger image


[BETA] v3.1.3 Now Available

New version of Unreal X-Editor is now available. Click on “Check For Updates” to download or visit Downloads page.


–New Unhandled Exception Reporter now shows error message
–New Bug Reporter (Misc Tab)
–Implemented UDK GFx Exporter By Mougli
–Improved Class Tree
–Added setting to turn off automatic focusing upon mouse hover
–Added various Tree Settings
–Added 2 Color Schemes
–Fixed UDK Editor shortcut and UDK Game shortcut not saving
–Fixed “Exception Occured: The process cannot access the file…bla bla bla” message when compiling

Multi Language

For the past couple of days i was thinking about adding support for other languages to Unreal X-Editor. What’d you guys think? In one of the future updates i would like to add this and am thinking about adding support for Spanish. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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