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Package Viewer – Copying Class Name

Hey everyone,

I have added two new options under the right click menu inside Package Viewer. They are Copy as Class Name and Copy as Full Class Name.


So what do they do?

Well clicking on Copy as Class Name will copy the class name to clipboard. Eg: class’UTPawn’

Clicking in Copy as Full Class Name will copy the class name to clipboard with location. Eg: class’UTGame.UTPawn’


Sagittarius by Willyg302 Now Available

Hey everyone,

Willyg302 has released the very first version of Sagittarius which is available at Sagittarius Wiki.

So what exactly is Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is a powerful and free online game service built with Google App Engine. That means you get all the scalability and reliability of Google’s products right out of the box. And what’s more, Sagittarius is designed to be deployed on your own App Engine account, giving you full control over your game’s backend.

My game Engage uses Gemini (now am porting everything to Sagittarius) and i gotta say it was pretty easy to setup (of-course Willy was there to help me out :)) and the result was great (server browser is pretty nice!)

[WIP] Engage Gameplay Footage

Hello Everyone,

This is a work in progress gameplay footage of my game made using UDK. Please let me know what you think.

New Features: Load Map & Wrap Up

Heeey Everyone. 😀

Here is a quick update of two new features that will be available in the next version of Unreal X-Editor. Hope you all likes it. 🙂

Load Map: Now UDK Editor will load your map right on startup instead of default map templates. Simply click on your map name and press UDK Editor button.

Select your map name and UDK Editor will start it.

Select your map name and UDK Editor will start it.

Wrap Up: Now you can quickly embed your selected text with these flow statements and Macros.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up Option

Result after selecting "For" option.

Result after selecting “For” option.


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