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[Download] Image Converter

Yesterday I quickly made an image converter which i had to create while working on a new application. So anyway i decided to make this available to you all incase you may find it helpful. Since its pretty self-explanatory it dont need a documentation. 😉

Anyway heres a quick how to:

  1. This is a Bulk converter so just browse to the folder where you have list of images (Eg: lots of Jpeg images)
  2. Change Source Image to Jpeg (or whatever image extension you have in that folder)
  3. Select format to convert
  4. Press Convert

If you dont want an image to convert, simply uncheck it.

Download Here.


Image Converter

Image Converter


[BETA] v3.1.4 Now Available

New version of Unreal X-Editor is now available. Click on “Check For Updates” to download or visit Downloads page.


–New Toast Notifications
–New Function Finder
–New Integrated Application: Clean UDK Leftovers
–New Integrated Application: Lightmass Tweaker
–Added Go To Function option [Limited]
–Added new option to delete UDK quarantined content
–Added Two new option to package viewer right click menu
–Added Load Map option under UDK Editor
–Added Wrap-Up option inside Code Editor Right Click Menu
–Added custom parameters for Client Game
–Added “Procedural Roads by online|offworld” under Snippets in Startup Template
–Improved New File Dialog
–Improved Unhandled Exception Reporter now includes Master Reset
–Improved Code Explorer now lists all functions and events (native, final and all other)
–Users can now choose what to launch when compilation finishes
–Failure to read Class Tree cache will no longer crash Unreal X-Editor
–Building Class Autocomplete now works in the background
–UDK Compile and Game options will now automatically load on startup
–All open tabs will now be saved upon exit and will reopen on startup
–Fixed some classes not being added in Class Tree
–Fixed defaultproperties not copying correctly on some classes when extending from Package View
–Fixed “Paste” right click menu not being enabled sometimes
–Fixed X-Editor Log showing incorrect ini name when deleting from INI Explorer

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