New Feature: Content Browser Finder

Hi there everyone,

Yeah its been a month since my last update. Sorry for that. I’ve been busy with something and ya’ll know what it is soon. But anyway, i just added this cool new feature which i personally find very helpful. Its called “Content Browser Finder”. You might probably wonder what it is but just like the name says, it will find any Content Browser asset used in any UnrealScript file.

That is, you see an Asset in Content Browser which you probably want to change or remove but you dont know where and in which UnrealScript it is used. All you have to do is grab the name of the asset or group or package and use that in Unreal X-Editor Content Browser field and search for that specific type.

For Example…I know the spawn sound in Content Browser but i dont know where it is used.

Player Spawn Sound in Content Browser

Player Spawn Sound in Content Browser

So to find where and which UnrealScript it is used I did the following things:

1: Selected SoundCue as Asset Type

2: I used CB Type as asset since i want to search for this specific asset. (By the way CB stands for Content Browser)

3: I used the asset name A_Gameplay_PlayerSpawn01Cue

4: Pressed Search

Searching for the asset name

Searching for the asset name

Now Unreal X-Editor will search for all uses of that Content Browser item and shows the results in a new panel.

Searching for asset

Searching for asset

And as usual, double clicking will open the file and navigates to that line. 🙂



I hope you will find this new feature useful. 🙂


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  1. A big thank you for your article.Thanks Again. Great. cadfdgkefece


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