Vehicle in Unreal Engine 4

Hello Everyone,

Another quick demo of riding my lambo (remember the one from previous screenshots?) in Unreal Engine 4. As always….Its all Blueprints. 😀

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  1. HI bro..
    That’s so awesome..
    I am newbie on Unreal, I tried the vehicle as well in UDK by inherited the scorpion vehicle, but the vehicle doesn’t have a gear transmission like u have in the video.
    Could u please send me the vehicle class that u use?? please??
    I really want to make the vehicle that can accelerate to top speed like yours.



    • Hi Hendra,

      Sorry i cant send it. I created this in Unreal Engine 4 and am not allowed to share any files. This has nothing to do with UDK. If you want to do something like this in UDK, i strongly suggest to ask it on the UDK forums. 🙂


      • Oh, okay it’s alright. The important thing is it can be done in udk, I just need to find the way how to do it. Thanks dude 😀


  2. Nice work. I own UE4 and am working on a Hovercraft demo. I have the logic down and the hovercraft is all a single blueprint. It handles the “get in’, ‘start hovermode’, and ‘drive’ logic just fine. I am stuck on attaching my player to the hovercraft and disabling pawn control input in favor of vehicle control input. How did you attach your player to the vehicle? A simple explanation or blueprint screenshot would do nicely if you don’t want to send me the file.


    • Sorry for the delayed response Mike. Am not at my home now so when i get back i’ll post the details.


      • Thanks, ryanJon. I am currently doing it by adding a box trigger to the vehicle, then in my level blueprint I make an event for my “enter vehicle” key, grab overlapping components with a filter for my vehicle, then disable collision on my pawn and possess the vehicle pawn. Ugly but it works. If there’s a more elegant way, let me know.


      • Hi Mike,

        This is how i did it:

        First in my Vehicle Blueprint i added a box trigger. Then in box trigger overlap i checked if the overlapping actor is my character and if it is then execute an Event in my character. See the graph:

        Then in my character Blueprint i simply possess the vehicle and run a vehicle specific Interface function (optional). See the graph:

        The Vehicle Possess function you see in My Character Blueprint is this:

        NOTE: These graphs were created in Unreal Engine 4 Beta build which didnt had Blueprint communication. Now that Blueprint communication is available you can use that feature instead of Interface.

        Hope this helps. 🙂


  3. Nice job! Would you be willing to post a tutorial?


  4. wait
    I can design a car like how i want with blueprint


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