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Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas to you 🙂


Ocean in Unreal Engine 4

Ocean in Unreal Engine 4. Enjoy 🙂

Ocean in Unreal Engine 4

Ocean in Unreal Engine 4


Ocean in Unreal Engine 4


Ocean in Unreal Engine 4


Ocean in Unreal Engine 4

[Tutorial] Change Loading Screens based on map (Using Canvas and no bik movie)

Hey everyone ,

In this tutorial i will show you how to have your own loading screen based on the map you are loading. For example you are loading MAP_1 so the loading screen will show random pictures of MAP_1. Remember, this tutorial will only use Canvas and will not use any bik movies. In fact, you will have to remove the loading bik movies from the ini in-order for this to work. I used this setup in my own game Engage and its working good. 

1: Start UDK and load your level.
2: Take a nice screenshot ( I use printscreen and paste it on Photoshop). TIP: Press F11 for fullscreen
3: Open Photoshop (i used 2048 x 1024) or any other image editing software and make all the customization’s you want (Color correction, blur, DOF, flares, anything)
4: Save the image and import it in UDK and save the package. Take any number of screenshots you want since we will be randomly choosing the textures.
5: Start your UnrealScript IDE and use the below code:

//  ================================================================================================
//   * File Name:    MyCustomViewportClient
//   * Created By:   Satheesh PV (aka RyanJon2040)
//   * Time Stamp:     05-Dec-13 8:50:00 PM
//   * UDK Path:   G:\UDK\UDK-2013-07
//   * Unreal X-Editor v3.1.5.0
//   * © Copyright 2012 - 2013. All Rights Reserved.
//  ================================================================================================

    The reason why i extended from UTGameViewport is because otherwise Hintmessages wont be displayed.

class MyCustomViewportClient extends UTGameViewportClient;

var Font TransitionFont;
var Font HintFont;
var Texture2D Background;
var LinearColor BackgroundColor;
var array MAP1_BackgroundTextures;
var array MAP2_BackgroundTextures;
var array MAP3_BackgroundTextures;

function DrawTransition(Canvas Canvas)
    local string MapName;
    local int Pos;

        case TT_Loading:
            MapName = Outer.TransitionDescription;

            /* Remove .udk from map */
            Pos = InStr(MapName,".");
            if (Pos != -1)
                MapName = left(MapName, Pos);

            /* Get Random Texture */
            Background = GetTextureForMap(MapName);
        case TT_Saving:
        case TT_Connecting:
        case TT_Precaching:
        case TT_Paused:

//Absolutely no need for final modifier. I added it just for fun only. :P
final function DrawImageTransitionMessage(Canvas Canvas,string Message)
    local float XL, YL;
    local string DisplayMessage;
    local string HintMessage;
    local class GameClass;
    local string GameClassName;

    /* Capitalize the string */
    DisplayMessage = Caps("LOADING: " $Message$"...");

    /* Assign font to be used with LOADING:  */
    Canvas.Font = TransitionFont;
    Canvas.bCenter = false;

    /* Draw the texture on screen */
    Canvas.DrawTile(Background, Canvas.ClipX, Canvas.ClipY, 0, 0, Background.SizeX, Background.SizeY, BackgroundColor);

    /* Get the displamessage length and save it to XL and YL */
    Canvas.StrLen( DisplayMessage, XL, YL );

    /* [TEXT SHADOW] Set the position to slightly above bottom right corner of the screen */
    Canvas.SetPos((Canvas.ClipX - XL) - 10, (Canvas.ClipY - YL) - 10);

    /* [TEXT SHADOW] Set the color to black */

    /* [TEXT SHADOW] Draw the shadow Text */
    Canvas.DrawText( DisplayMessage, false );

    /* [TEXT] Set the position to slightly above bottom right corner of the screen */
    Canvas.SetPos((Canvas.ClipX - XL) - 12, (Canvas.ClipY - YL) - 12);

    /* [TEXT] Randomize the colors */

    /* [TEXT] Finally draw the LOADING:
 text */
    Canvas.DrawText( DisplayMessage, false );

    /* No need to draw hints for Main menu */
    if (Message != "MainMenu")
        /* Find the game class: Eg: returns UTDeathmatch_0 */
        GameClass = class(FindObject(Outer.TransitionGameType, class'Class'));

        /* Cast teh game class name to string */
        GameClassName = string( GameClass.Name );

        /* Get random hint message from Game Class */
        HintMessage = LoadRandomLocalizedHintMessage( string( class'UTDeathmatch'.Name ), GameClassName);

        /* Hint message exists so... */
        if( Len( HintMessage ) > 0 )
            /* Assign font to be used with HINTMESSAGE */
            Canvas.Font = HintFont;

            /* Get the HintMessage length and save it to XL and YL */
            Canvas.StrLen( HintMessage, XL, YL );

            /* We want the Hint message to be centered. So center the text */
            Canvas.SetPos((Canvas.ClipX - XL) / 2, Canvas.ClipY / 2);

            /* Again randomize the colors */

            /* [TEXT] Finally draw the Hintmessage text */
            Canvas.DrawText( HintMessage, false );

final protected function Texture2D GetTextureForMap(string mapName)
        case "Map1":
            return MAP1_BackgroundTextures[Rand(MAP1_BackgroundTextures.length)];
        case "Map2":
            return MAP2_BackgroundTextures[Rand(MAP2_BackgroundTextures.length)];
        case "Map3":
            return MAP3_BackgroundTextures[Rand(MAP3_BackgroundTextures.length)];
            return //any default texture here;





6: Save it to UTGame folder
8: Open DefaultEngine.ini and under section [Engine.Engine] change GameViewportClientClassName to GameViewportClientClassName=UTGame.MyCustomViewpor tClient.
9: Open DefaultEngineUDK.ini and under section [FullScreenMovie] remove all LoadingMovies entries.
10: Delete UDKEngine.ini
11: Do i really have to say that you need to re-compile the scripts and enjoy your loading screens. 

Exercise for you:

  1. Canvas supports a variety of Draw* functions. Use them to create advanced loading screens
  2. I havent checked if Canvas can draw materials. If they can then draw animated materials.(*hint* *hint* bik movies)

I hope you find this useful. 😀

Help me make it happen for ‘Engage The Game’ on Indiegogo

Vehicle In Engage The Game

Vehicle In Engage The Game

I’m writing to let you know about ‘Engage The Game’.
Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can make ‘Engage The Game’ happen!

Please click the below click to view the campaign and contribute! 🙂

Night Vision Mode in Engage The Game

Night Vision Mode in Engage The Game

Engage BETA Gameplay Screenshots

Hello Everyone,

Engage is a Free-To-Play Multiplayer First Person ShooterGame developed by Dynamic Effects (My Company) using Unreal Development Kit. Today i played it with my friend and Rama (aka evernewjoy). So far everything is going smooth and am really happy that evernewjoy liked it. 🙂

So here are some screenshots i took while playing. Hope you enjoy. 😉

Riding Caiman in Openfield.

Riding Caiman in Openfield.

Firing at my friend!

Hypervision Effect used to show enemy locations.

My friend and evernewjoy.


Bulletstorm HUD effect. (Thanks to William Gaul. aka willyg302)

Night Vision Mode

Up Up Hoooooooray!!

New Feature: Config Class Finder

Hey everyone,

Here is a new feature that you can expect in next version of Unreal X-Editor. You will be able to search for all UnrealScript that implements a specific config class. For example here in the below screenshots you can see how i found all classes that implement UDKGame.ini.

New Search Option

New Search Option

Searching for UDKGame INI

Searching for UDKGame INI

Finished Searching. Toast shows the number of files too!

Finished Searching. Toast shows the number of files too!



New Feature: Type Color Customization

From the day i implemented syntax highlighting settings i got requests on type color customization. That is to customize the color of class names and words that comes after var, local etc. So today i did it.  Here in the below screenshot you can see i changed the color to red. 🙂

Type Color Customization

Type Color Customization

I also rewrote the code to support instant color change. That is you no longer need to restart Unreal X-Editor after changing syntax colors. Change your color scheme –> Press Save and all colors will update instantly. 🙂

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