Strategy Game Example in Unreal Engine 4

Hello Everyone 🙂

Here is a RTS Game Example using Blueprints only in Unreal Engine 4. For the last couple of days i was trying to build this and so far the result seems good (i think) although lot more work needs to be done.

Camera movement with panning and zooming
Building structures that can spawn units
Player can select newly created units and control them


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  1. Excellent work! I actually wanted to make a new RTS game. Does the Blueprint have any limitations? Also what’s the programming language used again for UE4? C# or C++? I know C# but not c++ 😛


    • So far Blueprints does the trick. Everything you see in that video was done in Blueprints. No C++ code involved. Within few weeks i’ll be using Coherent UI to create the HUD. Right now, it have some limitations in Blueprints and they said they’ll resolve it in future versions.


  2. Excellent work! Are there any limitations when using Blueprint? I always wanted to make a RTS game but lack the C++ knowledge to do so.


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