Watch Dogs style camera hack in Blueprints

Recently i played Watch Dogs game and I really liked the camera hacking system so i decided to create a similar effect in Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprints only. I added Camera zooming functions too but forgot to show it on this video.

Download Project


If you are receiving macro errors while opening this project, please download the StandardMacros.uasset and replace this with the one that comes with the editor.

Location: InstallationPath\Engine\Content\EditorBlueprintResources\StandardMacros.uasset


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  1. I’m using UE 4.3 and when I tried to open your project I get errors in the macro instances in TraceOtherCameras(Cam_BP) and TraceAndCheckForCamera(Mycharacter).
    I’m new to UE so I’ve yet to solve the error, and googling didn’t help so far.

    I’d appreciate it if you could look into it.


  2. Can u “migrate” only the new macros? So i can import and use in any engine version without overwrite the default macros and mantain the macro related only to the poject.


  3. hi, in blueprint of my character there is this problem : Warning Blendables – the native property is not tagged as BlueprintReadWrite, the pin will be removed in a future release.
    why ?


  4. Hi ! I have problem with this project. I can’t hack camera and text “Hold X to scan” not displaying. I using UE 4.5 Help !


  5. salut jaime beaucoup ton project,mais sur ma version de unreal 4.4 il ne fonctione pas,jai remplacer le macros errors par is valid? et la compilation a ete parfaitement , mais les text ne saffiche pas et blueprint aussi.
    des idees pourquoi ?


  6. Doesn’t seem to be working, even with the fix with current version.




  8. link is down, dropbox says:
    File not found
    Sorry, that file doesn’t live here any more. It might have been moved or made private.
    please reup ❤ (even if not working with current engine version!)


  9. Can you update this great system? Please! 🙂


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