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Rendering occluded actors in UE4

I modified the WatchDogs project and added rendering of occluded actors via Blueprint and Post-Process. This is achieved using “Render Custom Depth” flag.  Here is a video.


New Screenshot from my RTS Example Game

Another screenshot of my Strategy Example Game. Added  lot of functionality’s since last release.

1: Added Coherent-UI
2: Added Tooltips
3: Resource Handling
4: Grid placement
And many more…

NOTE: That overlay texture is from DOTA. Am using it as a placeholder only. 

As always…All done with Blueprints only! 

Screenshot showing Coherent-UI in Action!

Screenshot showing Coherent-UI in Action!

[Blog Update] Unreal Engine 4 Projects Download in My Tutorials

Just now i updated My Tutorials section with Unreal Engine 4 Projects and UDK Tutorials. Clicking on any Unreal Engine 4 Project will take you to the original blog post and you can download the project from there.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

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