Map Editor using Blueprints and UMG

So yesterday i made something like a map editor using Unreal Engine Blueprints and UMG. This will be available to the UE4 community soon. 🙂

EDIT: You can download this from here:

Placeable buildings
Foliage painting
Placeable spawn point
Posses and Eject player
2 Camera modes: RTS and Free Cam

About Satheesh (ryanjon2040)

Genuine Unreal Engine user

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  1. Very nice ryanjon! Is this related to your RTS template? I’m planning like to develop a RTS tittle in the future, I like the genre because of game called Pharaoh. Did you play this one?


  2. Very impressive!!!

    Is there any way to make it save maps for later use?


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