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Cities Skylines inspired building spawning.

We @YetiTechStudios is making a small game inspired from Cities Skyline so here is the structure spawning system I just made in C++.


[TIP] Sending UDP requests to AWS Server

Hi there ­čÖé

In this quick tip I’ll show how to send a udp request to your Amazon EC2 server instance and then receive a reply from there.┬áSimply put, you can use this to check if your AWS servers are online or not when player is logging in.

So what are we┬ácovering today? Well, we will write a simple UDP server in Node.js and run it on AWS EC2 server. This server will be listening on EC2’s IP on a specific port. Then in Unreal Engine 4, we will use the FUDPPing::UDPEcho method to┬áping the above server ip and port and see if we get a reply. Let’s get started.

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