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  1. Thank you again for all the help you give the UDK community.

    I have a question in the case of a project for my daughter for the realization of a virtual gallery.

    How to get an external Internet address, for example with a button or a module Kismet?
    In the case of a virtual gallery where you desire a given moment have access to an external website to UDK.

    Thank you much.

    Jean Meletou


  2. I finally found a very simple solution by adding a class and then with a single console command, and a Flash button.

    class LaunchGoogle extends UDKGame;

    exec function LaunchGoogle()







  3. @satheesh u there in facebook?


  4. Kenneth Mendoza

    I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time lol…. Thx for posting =)


  5. Alexander Lean

    Can you please make a tutorial for Unreal Engine 4 on full dynamic quality lighting? I am trying to do one but i doesnt work. It have a lot of non quality shadows.

    And when i do staticlight and bake, its ok, but when i enter game and then again artifacts appear, its pissing me off


  6. Hi all,
    I’m new to Unreal X-Editor and from what I know you
    can launch the unreal script wizard from the Misc tab, I took a look at the Misc tab,
    but I did’t find the wizard. Any help will bi appreciated.


  7. Hello, I am working on a project and can not find how to make a system of items to put in an educational game. I wonder if you have to spend any tips or website so I can do this. Thank you.


  8. can somebody make an updated melee weapon creation tutorial for v3.1.5 my email is


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