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New Marketplace page

I’ve added a new Marketplace page on the menu. It will show you all the items I have made for Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace. Feel free to buy them! 😉


RTS Community Project: FayCliff Map

I updated the textures on FayCliff map. There is no landscape painting. In Material Editor i used Lerps with various Masks generated by World Machine.

FayCliff_1 FayCliff_2 FayCliff_3 FayCliff_4

RTS Community Project Update #1

So here is my latest work on RTS Community Project. I have added the ability to select multiple units (via selection box) and move them all around! 🙂

v3.0 Class Usage Finder

I’ve added some features which i believe will save a lot of time in development. One of the feature is “Class Usage Finder“. In the below screenshot, you can see some of the new options after right clicking on my selected class name.

Click to see larger image

In the below screenshot, you can see what happens after selecting “Find usages for AK_Weapon“. It will display the results with where you used the class name, Line Number and location of that script file.

Click for larger image

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