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Engage The Game BETA Release

Hello Everyone,

Am really happy to announce that our game Engage is now available to you! Visit and sign-up. You can then download the game and enjoy!

NOTE: Engage is in early Beta stage so if you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions please do let us know on Engage Forums.

Engage The Game

Engage Hypervision

Engage Nightvision


Help me make it happen for ‘Engage The Game’ on Indiegogo

Vehicle In Engage The Game

Vehicle In Engage The Game

I’m writing to let you know about ‘Engage The Game’.
Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can make ‘Engage The Game’ happen!

Please click the below click to view the campaign and contribute! 🙂

Night Vision Mode in Engage The Game

Night Vision Mode in Engage The Game

Engage BETA Gameplay Screenshots

Hello Everyone,

Engage is a Free-To-Play Multiplayer First Person ShooterGame developed by Dynamic Effects (My Company) using Unreal Development Kit. Today i played it with my friend and Rama (aka evernewjoy). So far everything is going smooth and am really happy that evernewjoy liked it. 🙂

So here are some screenshots i took while playing. Hope you enjoy. 😉

Riding Caiman in Openfield.

Riding Caiman in Openfield.

Firing at my friend!

Hypervision Effect used to show enemy locations.

My friend and evernewjoy.


Bulletstorm HUD effect. (Thanks to William Gaul. aka willyg302)

Night Vision Mode

Up Up Hoooooooray!!

Sagittarius by Willyg302 Now Available

Hey everyone,

Willyg302 has released the very first version of Sagittarius which is available at Sagittarius Wiki.

So what exactly is Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is a powerful and free online game service built with Google App Engine. That means you get all the scalability and reliability of Google’s products right out of the box. And what’s more, Sagittarius is designed to be deployed on your own App Engine account, giving you full control over your game’s backend.

My game Engage uses Gemini (now am porting everything to Sagittarius) and i gotta say it was pretty easy to setup (of-course Willy was there to help me out :)) and the result was great (server browser is pretty nice!)

[WIP] Engage Gameplay Footage

Hello Everyone,

This is a work in progress gameplay footage of my game made using UDK. Please let me know what you think.

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