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New Marketplace page

I’ve added a new Marketplace page on the menu. It will show you all the items I have made for Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace. Feel free to buy them! 😉


Unreal Nexus Launched! :)

Hey everyone,
I am happy to announce that Unreal Nexus has been launched! You can post projects, hire freelancers and share your portfolio and more. We are still adding a lot more features like User Blogs, Nexus Store, Nexus Learning Centre and more.

See you on Nexus 🙂

[Download] Batman Inspired HUD Information

Recently I was playing Batman Arkham Knight and I was thinking about how to do the information stuff they show when you activate Detective Mode. I was able to do it using UMG :). So here is the video and below that you can find the download link. 🙂

Download Project (4.12 or higher):

[TIP] Make Logging easier in Unreal Engine 4

In this quick tip video, we will see how to create a header file that contains macros which makes logging easier and useful. You can then include this header file in other classes and access the log macro. Finally in Editor, we will use Session Frontend to filter our logs. 🙂

Hope you liked this video. 🙂

Mini Tutorial on rendering occluded actors using Post-Process

This is a mini screenshot tutorial based on a project i did a few days ago.

First of all create a new material in Content Browser and set the material domain to Post-Process. Then follow below steps:

Line Render. (Re created from Google)

Scanlines (Ignore this if you dont want scanlines

And finally connect the last node to Emissive Color

To make it work, set “Render Custom Depth” flag to enabled and set the Bounds scale to higher (10) otherwise mesh sometimes will not render properly when behind.

Set Custom Depth and increase Bounds Scale

And here is a screenshot of my Material Parameter Collection.

Material Parameter Collection

[Blog Update] Unreal Engine 4 Projects Download in My Tutorials

Just now i updated My Tutorials section with Unreal Engine 4 Projects and UDK Tutorials. Clicking on any Unreal Engine 4 Project will take you to the original blog post and you can download the project from there.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

[Tutorial] Disabling Log outputs in your game

Ever wondered how to remove those log outputs (ScriptWarning, Warning etc) from your game? Well i just found out a neat way to disable them.

Check this screenshot. Yeah it got a lot of warnings.

Log Warnings

Now i want to disable the Error (first one in that log), ScriptLog and Warning. To do so, open DefaultEngine.ini and under [Core.System] add the +Suppress=<LogName> option. For example see the below screenshot.

Modify INI to include +Supress

Now delete UDKEngine.ini and start the game. All the specified logs will now be disabled!

After disabling:

Logs disabled

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