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New v2.0 BETA available now

So here it is. Unreal X-Editor v2.0 is now available 🙂

KNOWN ISSUE with Windows XP: Currently Unreal X-Editor will crash with an Unhandled Exception error when executed under Windows XP. At the moment, the only way to overcome this issue is to run Unreal X-Editor with No-Ribbon UI.

Click Here for Windows XP fix. <–Download and replace the old exe with this new one.


  • New No-Ribbon version is available
  • Unreal Script Wizard has been integrated
  • Tab support has been added
  • Dock panels has been added
  • Startup page has been added
  • Detail Log viewer has been added
  • Fixed a rare issue where Unreal X-Editor will not restart after changing UDK directory
  • Unreal X-Editor now asks for user permission to restart
  • Added Right Click menu for editor
  • Added ability to navigate to custom game exe
  • Added Log parameter in UDK Game options
  • New About Dialog
  • New Skins added
  • 2 New Ribbon Styles added
  • Package tree viewer Search has been added
  • New warning message when trying to execute multiple instances of Unreal X-Editor
  • New Help file available (Click Here to see the Online Help)

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