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[TIP] Creating your custom definitions for your UE4 games

Some developers might require their game to be different based on specific builds. For example you make a game and you want to release a demo but don’t want to include certain features. This is actually very easy to achieve. Like literally…very easy. 🙂

Open your MyProject.Build.cs file and modify it like this:

/* True if this should compile as a demo build */
const bool bIsDemoBuild = true;

/* Add a new definition called IS_DEMO_BUILD. This will be 1 (true) if bIsDemoBuild is true. Else it will be false (0) */
Definitions.Add(string.Format(“IS_DEMO_BUILD={0}”, (bIsDemoBuild ? “1” : “0”)));

Close your project solution file, right click on your *.uproject file and select Generate Visual Studio project files.

Generate Visual Studio project files.

That’s it! In your header/source files you can now use like this:

UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT(“This is a demo build”))
UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT(“This is release build”))

The good thing about this approach is its not just a simple if else condition. The compiler is actually removing the entire code inside that macro based on the condition. 🙂


v2.1 Beta Available

New version of Unreal X-Editor is now available. Click on “Check For Updates” to download.


–Fixed startup crash when double clicking on UC Files
–Added “Comment” section in Registration
–Changing colors in Settings will now update instantly
–Quick Access Toolbar settings will be automatically saved on Exit (Ribbon UI Only)
–Minimize to Tray has been added (Ribbon UI Only)
–Fixed Autocomplete not showing on file opened from Package Viewer
–Fixed Empty File showing save prompt
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor lock up when registering
–Fixed a rare issue where Unreal X-Editor runs in backgound after exiting
–Fixed right click menu not showing on file opened from Package Viewer
–Fixed scroll bar snap-to-top after opening a file
–Fixed weird minimize when UDK Editor or UDK Game is pressed
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor window not properly showing on startup
–Custom Syntax Highlighting is available
–Added various Color Schemes
–Tab location can now be changed
–Glass button has been removed in order to support Windows XP

Two Color Schemes:

Turbo Pascal Revisited

Visual Studio 2011 Dark

New v2.0 BETA available now

So here it is. Unreal X-Editor v2.0 is now available 🙂

KNOWN ISSUE with Windows XP: Currently Unreal X-Editor will crash with an Unhandled Exception error when executed under Windows XP. At the moment, the only way to overcome this issue is to run Unreal X-Editor with No-Ribbon UI.

Click Here for Windows XP fix. <–Download and replace the old exe with this new one.


  • New No-Ribbon version is available
  • Unreal Script Wizard has been integrated
  • Tab support has been added
  • Dock panels has been added
  • Startup page has been added
  • Detail Log viewer has been added
  • Fixed a rare issue where Unreal X-Editor will not restart after changing UDK directory
  • Unreal X-Editor now asks for user permission to restart
  • Added Right Click menu for editor
  • Added ability to navigate to custom game exe
  • Added Log parameter in UDK Game options
  • New About Dialog
  • New Skins added
  • 2 New Ribbon Styles added
  • Package tree viewer Search has been added
  • New warning message when trying to execute multiple instances of Unreal X-Editor
  • New Help file available (Click Here to see the Online Help)

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Unreal X-Editor v2.0 New Skin

Unreal X-Editor v2.0 with new Visual Studio 2010 Skin and right click menu with Comment and Uncomment features.

Click to see larger image

Click to see larger image

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