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[Tutorial] UDK Scaleform Ammo Display on Weapon

This tutorial shows you how to display weapon ammo details on your weapon itself using Scaleform and UnrealScript. With this technique you can create Doom 3 style ammo display.


Scaleform and BINK – Simple Test

First video shows Ammo count and maximum ammo amount showing on the weapon model (This can be used to create something similar to Doom 3 Weapon Ammo Display) using Scaleform. Second video is a very simple technique that shows In-Game video and External Video being played in weapon model (Using BINK).

[Tutorial] Weapon Magazine Reload

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a weapon with Reload function. I will also show you how to create a ammo pickup that will add clips instead of ammo. Then we will create a custom Inventory Manager to track our ammo and tells the weapon to add clips if the maximum clips is lesser the current clips.

So lets get started.

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UDK Melee Weapon Video Tutorial by draxov

UDK Forum member draxov made a tutorial on how to make a melee weapon in UDK using trace sockets.

This video explains:

  • How to rig the model in blender
  • Export it as an FBX
  • Import it into UDK
  • Setting it up in UDK
  • Scripting the melee weapon with X-Editor

For More Information and source files, visit his UDK Thread:

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