The program is great, please do Russian version.

Danny Morris

An amazing product for this day in age, that supports the little guy to make a big dream come true. I love everything about this editor. The flow, the style, and the User interface. Seamless and fast on almost every level. I dare you to find a better product for free that gives you all this product does! Amazing and will use it for more future projects!!


This is by far the absolute best IDE I have ever seen, used, or even just randomly explored for UDK. I am still learning it overall, but the auto-complete features are amazing. The functionality behind it is just great. I come from a Visual Studio background and this is right in my comfort zone. A little more manual configuration, but still not too far off the beaten path. I recommend this to ANYONE who wants to learn or find a script editor for UDK/Unreal.

Waller Computer Repair

This application is very useful for people who just use the UDK to make small games as a hobby, while also being organized enough to be used in a “professional” style of creating games and applications. If I had a good amount of money to donate to the creators of this application I would, but sadly this won’t be able to happen until I get a small game being able to sale or I get a steady income.


A very good IDE, I like the way it can be customized, and I like its features even more.
Very good job !

I just have to buy some eat3d unrealscript tutorials and im good to go ! ๐Ÿ˜€



This product cured my annoyance with Notepad++’s Unreal highlighter. It’s pretty awesome.


Very helpful and useful tool. Thank you for making it free. This will be my Primary IDE for my project.


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