Version History

–New Integrated Application: Content Browser Finder
–New Feature: Config Class Finder
–New Feature: Document Map
–New GoToLine dialog. Press CTRL+G
–New Code Editor Fullscreen option
–New Right Click Menu: Add Timestamp
–New Right Click Menu: Add Comment Block (Under Insert)
–New Right Click Menu: Add StartBlock (Under Insert)
–Added Final_Release flag in Compile Options
–Added Tab Reordering
–Added Text Drag & Drop
–Added support for Dual Monitor setups
–Added function/event name highlighting
–Improved Toast Notifications
–Improved Go To Function now continues searching on all parent classes until function is found
–Improved Autoindent
–Type colors (var, local, class names etc) are now customizable
–Class template now create simulated event Post/PreBeginPlay() instead of event
–Compiling scripts will no longer cause Ribbon to be disabled
–Right-clicking will now move the mouse caret properly
–Word Highlight is no longer case-sensitive
–Shift+Tab now decreases Tab Indent
–Changing syntax colors no longer requires Unreal X-Editor restart
–Users can now access class functions without selecting the whole word
–Clicking on line number will select the whole line
–Users can now load maps with custom extension under UDK Editor
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor running in background after exiting
–Fixed Template window stays open after exiting
–Fixed unable to read first entry in Code Explorer
–Fixed some minor issues with AutoIndent
–Fixed X-Editor Log showing incorrect class name when deleting from package viewer
–Fixed Report a bug staying behind About Window
–Fixed unable to type in Unhandled Exception Reporter

–New Toast Notifications
–New Function Finder
–New Integrated Application: Clean UDK Leftovers
–New Integrated Application: Lightmass Tweaker
–Added Go To Function option [Limited]
–Added new option to delete UDK quarantined content
–Added Two new option to package viewer right click menu
–Added Load Map option under UDK Editor
–Added Wrap-Up option inside Code Editor Right Click Menu
–Added custom parameters for Client Game
–Added “Procedural Roads by online|offworld” under Snippets in Startup Template
–Improved New File Dialog
–Improved Unhandled Exception Reporter now includes Master Reset
–Improved Code Explorer now lists all functions and events (native, final and all other)
–Users can now choose what to launch when compilation finishes
–Failure to read Class Tree cache will no longer crash Unreal X-Editor
–Building Class Autocomplete now works in the background
–UDK Compile and Game options will now automatically load on startup
–All open tabs will now be saved upon exit and will reopen on startup
–Fixed some classes not being added in Class Tree
–Fixed defaultproperties not copying correctly on some classes when extending from Package View
–Fixed “Paste” right click menu not being enabled sometimes
–Fixed X-Editor Log showing incorrect ini name when deleting from INI Explorer

–New Unhandled Exception Reporter now shows error message
–New Bug Reporter (Misc Tab)
–Implemented UDK GFx Exporter By Mougli
–Improved Class Tree
–Added setting to turn off automatic focusing upon mouse hover
–Added various Tree Settings
–Added 2 Color Schemes
–Fixed UDK Editor shortcut and UDK Game shortcut not saving
–Fixed “Exception Occured: The process cannot access the file…bla bla bla” message when compiling

–New Right click menu for tabs with “Close” and “Close all but this”
–Added Class Tree
–Added Code Explorer color settings
–Users can now disable italics in strings and comments
–Hovering mouse over any control will focus it
–Updated Xstreamtech tutorial link and added Advanced Tutorials button
–Save As filename now matches with classname
–Some fonts has been changed
–Fixed a rare crash on some systems when saving after selecting UDK Installation for the first time
–Fixed Ding sound when pressing enter key in find dialog
–Fixed Registration and Unhandled Exception submit issues
–Fixed Settings Dialog not accessible when INI Editor is active

–Fixed when pressing “Q” shows QuickLoad
–QuickLoad now works only with Alt+Q

–New QuickLoad Feature
–Improved startup update system
–Code Explorer now shows functions in the order that they are in the class, instead of alphabetical
–Unreal X-Editor will now try to save all open scripts when Unhandled Exception occurs
–Unreal X-Editor will no longer open a duplicate if the file is already open
–Users can now change Word Highlight Intensity
–New Preview window to preview color schemes
–New right click menu for each file in Package Viewer
–New right click menu for each file in INI Tree
–New right click menu in package viewer to create folder
–Added No Content Browser option for UDK Editor
–Added Update Game Asset Database option for UDK editor
–Added Ignore warning in compile options
–Engine/Core files will now skip saving when compiling if readonly mode is selected
–Users can now select custom compiler
–Package Viewer now shows *.uci files
–Removed Tree Color Settings and introduced Embed Selection Color and Caret Color
–INI Tree will now show only *.ini files
–Fixed Update Size text not updating properly
–Fixed Startup crash on some systems
–Fixed Class Reference showing multiple results
–Fixed issue with curly bracket

–Double clicking on UC file will open a new tab instead of showing instance error
–New startup template
–New Gradient background
–New Save All button
–New color schemes
–New logging system for Unreal X-Editor
–Performance Improvement
–Added reverse traversing of class hierarchy
–Added Class Finder
–Added Class Usage Finder
–Added Class Reference Finder
–Added UDK Game Fullscreen option
–Added Show line number
–Added Show folding lines
–Added Autocomplete Editor
–Added UDK Server and Client
–Added Regenerate INI Option for UDK Editor and game
–Added Code Explorer
–Added Launch UDK Editor under compile options
–Improved Autocomplete
–Improved compatibility with Windows 7
–Improved word highlight
–Fixed syntax highlighting in comments
–Package Viewer search has been improved
–Startup Skin setting removed
–Users can now save UDK Game options and Compile options
–A proper error message will be displayed if UDK is running when trying to compile
–Scripts will be automatically saved before compiling
–Close All Tabs now works with single click
–Game log window now shows
–Some Right click menu shortcuts are now customizable

–Fixed INI Editor crash
–Fixed No-Ribbon UI crash when double clicking close all tabs
–Fixed minimize issues after clicking Unreal Frontend
–Registration and Unhandled Exception reports now works

–New and Improved Application menu now shows Recent Files and Folders (Ribbon-UI Only)
–Hovering mouse over current tab will show filepath
–Previous tab is now selected after closing a tab
–Window State setting has been removed
–Reset Dock Layout button added
–Font selection has been added
–Users can add Custom Parameters for UDK Game
–Added UDK Game Remote Control
–Added a few more commandline arguments
–Unsaved files will show asterisk
–Folding lines (dotted lines between brackets) is available
–Shift+Backspace now works
–Users can choose Win64 compiler
–Autocomplete will now show quickly
–Autocomplete now supports TAB key
–Added Embed Selection
–Users can submit if any Unhandled Exception occurs
–Auto Indent added
–Added Shortcut Editor
–Fixed a rare popup error message while compiling scripts
–Fixed issues with Save As button
–Fixed Save button not updating when switching tabs
–Fixed incorrect information displayed on UDKGame pop up window
–Fixed Not valid tray icon showing even if correctly configured
–Fixed tray icon issues after exiting Unreal X-Editor
–Fixed Multi-Comment issues

–Fixed a rare issue where Dock title’s wont show on startup
–Fixed highlighted text non-readable on color schemes
–Fixed high CPU usage when idle
–Fixed sluggish performance

–Added INI Explorer
–Added INI Editor
–Dock layout will be automatically saved upon exit
–User can decide if Dock layout should be restored upon startup
–Package Viewer Tree title will now show “Unreal Script files”
–Again fixed a rare issue where Unreal X-Editor runs in backgound after exiting
–Fixed undo on opened files
–Admin requirements has been removed
–Backup “Src” Folder button added (Settings Dialog)
–Added Loading Screen Tips modifier (UDK Customizer)
–Fixed a rare error msg showing when trying to run UDK Customizer in No-Ribbon UI
–Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese languages are supported

–Fixed a rare critical bug which shows infinite loop of messages
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor not respoding when UDK Editor/Game is pressed

–Fixed startup crash when double clicking on UC Files
–Added “Comment” section in Registration
–Changing colors in Settings will now update instantly
–Quick Access Toolbar settings will be automatically saved on Exit (Ribbon UI Only)
–Minimize to Tray has been added (Ribbon UI Only)
–Fixed Autocomplete not showing on file opened from Package Viewer
–Fixed Empty File showing save prompt
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor lock up when registering
–Fixed a rare issue where Unreal X-Editor runs in backgound after exiting
–Fixed right click menu not showing on file opened from Package Viewer
–Fixed scroll bar snap-to-top after opening a file
–Fixed weird minimize when UDK Editor or UDK Game is pressed
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor window not properly showing on startup
–Custom Syntax Highlighting is available
–Added various Color Schemes
–Tab location can now be changed
–Glass button has been removed in order to support Windows XP

–New No-Ribbon version is available
–Unreal Script Wizard has been integrated
–Tab support has been added
–Dock panels has been added
–Startup page has been added
–Detail Log viewer has been added
–Fixed a rare issue where Unreal X-Editor will not restart after changing UDK directory
–Unreal X-Editor now asks for user permission to restart
–Added Right Click menu for editor
–Added ability to navigate to custom game exe
–Added Log parameter in UDK Game options
–New About Dialog
–New Skins added
–2 New Ribbon Styles added
–Package tree viewer Search has been added
–New warning message when trying to execute multiple instances of Unreal X-Editor
–New Help file added

–Added Commandlet Parameters for Compile Option (NOTE: debug option is NOT included)
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor/Console window lock up when compiling scripts
–Fixed incorrect gametype info
–Maximize button is now available with Console window
–Console Window now stays on top
–Added Vehicle Capture The Flag in Gametype

–New Console window for Compile and Full Compile
–Improved Updater to show changelog
–Added command line preview of UDK Game Debug Otions
–Added Word highlighting
–Added “Word Highlight” color setting
–Added “Open UDK Folder”
–Removed “Changed line” color setting
–Some unwanted buttons were removed

–Added Color Settings to customize syntax and other text colors
–Added Line Highlighting

–Fixed “Empty Path name is illegal” error message
–Fixed Save issues
–Fixed Gametype reverting back to custom
–Fixed incorrect update information

–Added Class Tree Viewer
–Added 27 New Skins
–UDK Customizer has been integrated
–Added UDK Game Debug Options
–Added UDK Editor DirectX11 launcher
–Removed bottom status bar
–Fixed various “Unhandled exception” errors
–Fixed Check for update issues

–Initial Release

  1. CANT FIND THE Integrated Application TAB PLZ HELP


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