About Me

Hi all πŸ™‚

My name is Satheesh P.V and I am from a small city called Trivandrum in a state called Kerala, located on South-West India. I am very passionate about Music and Games. During my free times, i work on Microsoft Visual Studio to create windows applications and i also work on Autodesk 3dsmax, Autodesk Mudbox etc. So far i have developed some free tools for UDK Community and they are Unreal X-Editor, Unreal Script Wizard and UDK Customizer. I have also created a render optimizing script called Swift-Switch for Autodesk 3dsmax.

  1. Wow, your experience sounds amazing! And also I have to admit I like your blog design, wouldn’t you mind if I used some of your design ideas to my blog? I use the same theme so I think it’d fit nicely!

    However, I started learning UScript recently, do you have any tutorials about it (basic stuff)? It’d help me a lot, I find some tutorials, but they aren’t providing enough information.

    Thank you, and again I really like how you designed your blog and also your experience is amazing (especially programming side of it) πŸ˜€


  2. If we wish to submit a bug report, where do we go to do this? I already found one in less than 10 seconds after usage πŸ˜› it’s a minor one though and it has a work around.


  3. You love singing westlife? me too!!!

    By the way, is there any royalty pay for your product? Thanks! I got dismayed of the pricing of nFringe. I am not even able to buy the UDK’s commercial license.. haha


    • Am a huge fan of Westlife (especially Mark and Shane) :). Pretty sad they got disbanded. Anyway you dont have to pay any kind of Royalty for my product. Unreal X-Editor is completely free to use. However if you like my IDE, feel free to donate. πŸ˜€


  4. Hi! First off it is awesome tool. I love it.
    Do you have Linux version? I really like working on linux (and hate windows).


  5. firts off, i want to thank you for you amazing work to the UDK community, i really appreciate your time and knowledge……please contact me, i have a great gift to you..


  6. hi there,
    This is Pavan Chopra from Bangalore. Hats off to ur IDE, really helpful. I needed a little help with my fps game, my college project. I have a bunch of questions. So, can we talk on fb or skype. Thank you


  7. Hi Satheesh PV friend, my name is Lv Jinxin from Chinese – Shenzhen, I like the design / music / game, see those great effect with illusory 4 do, I adore you want to make friends with you, but I am also a collection of lovers, I have about 5000GB 3D software tutorials, my job is graphic design love, is on the 3D. What do you use the Internet chat tool can tell me? (chat Tencent QQ this software are used in Chinese)


  8. My QQ number: 380367904 (jasmine tea)
    In China with QQ in the chat software | below is a QQ Download:
    I can give you an account – we communicate together (this software is very convenient)


  9. I like your blog, your tutorial is very beautiful. I like it.
    Online contact me if you friends?
    (I English is not very good, some words are not accurate, sorry)


  10. Hi, can we exchange emails? I’m working on UE 4 blueprint and have a lot of question if you may answer, I really appreciate that in advance πŸ™‚


  11. dude you are awesome!!! we were almost gonna give up on udk. But thanks to you that didn’t happen. If we make any amount money from my game then surely I’ll donate some of it.


  12. About Unreal Engine 4

    Hello my friend, I’m developing a rts game, and have already created some modules like the camera, including the mouse, and some models, but seeing your work I would be helpful to see how few have developed. I did not know how to reach you, and I saw this paragraph in the blog and saw relevant, it is possible that in some way, do you share your project?. If not any guide or explanation to select the unit and moving in the position where you press with the mouse, in addition to gather resources. thank you very much in advance

    PD: if you want we can communicate by email, mine is bartuff@gmail.com


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