[Download] Batman Inspired HUD Information

Recently I was playing Batman Arkham Knight and I was thinking about how to do the information stuff they show when you activate Detective Mode. I was able to do it using UMG:). So here is the video and below that you can find the download link. :)

Download Project (4.12 or higher): http://bit.ly/HUDInfo

Ever wondered if you can convert C++ Project to Blueprint only Project?

This question was actually asked on UE4 AnswerHUB and it got me thinking is there way to do it? If you accidentally added a C++ class can you convert the project back to Blueprints? Or if you added a C++ class just to compile a plugin can you convert the project back to Blueprint only project?

Answer is YES! You can:). Here is how you do it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As I said, this method can be used ONLY if you accidentally added a C++ class or to just compile a plugin. If you have classes created in C++ and using them then obviously you cant convert it back to Blueprints.

  • Remove Binaries folder (This folder will be created in your project root folder after adding a C++ class)
  • Delete Intermediate folder
  • Delete Saved folder (Frankly I am not sure if this is required but its better you delete it)
  • Delete Source folder (Optional)

After following the above steps, comes the important part. Open you uproject file in notepad or any of your favorite text editor and remove the whole Modules section and save.

For example, check the below uproject file with C++ classes added:

“FileVersion”: 3,
“EngineAssociation”: “4.11”,
“Category”: “”,
“Description”: “”,
“Modules”: [
“Name”: “ExampleProject”,
“Type”: “Runtime”,
“LoadingPhase”: “Default”,
“AdditionalDependencies”: [

After editing it should look like this:

“FileVersion”: 3,
“EngineAssociation”: “4.11”,
“Category”: “”,
“Description”: “”

You’re good to go.:)

[TIP] Disabling Blueprint nodes (4.11+)

From Unreal Engine 4.11 and above, you can disable individual Blueprint nodes (Impure only) without breaking the flow of execution. All you have to do is right click on your Blueprint node and Disable it. Done!:)



To enable this feature, you have to go to Editor Preferences and select Allow Explicit Impure Node Disabling.


[TIP] Extend button class to use Slate Widget Style

In this quick tip video, we will create our button extended from the button class and make it use custom Slate Widget Style created in Content Browser. Using this method you can have a globally stylized button to use anywhere in your game. You can also use this method to extend any other widgets too like Text, TextBox, CheckBox etc.

My first book on Unreal Engine 4 is now available


My first book for Unreal Engine 4 has been released on PacktPub! :) In this book, you will learn how to create a new project and get familiar with the UI and Content Browser. Next, we’ll import a sample asset from Autodesk 3ds max and learn more about Material Editor. After that we will learn more about Post Process. From there we will continue to learn about Blueprints, Lights, UMG, C++ and more.

You can buy the book from PackPub website.

Event Dispatchers explained – Finally !

DNADrone, a user from Unreal Community posted an awesome explanation of what Event Dispatchers are. Check it out here.

UE4 Static Mesh Morph Target Test

A quick test i did with Static Mesh Morph Target.


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