UE4 Static Mesh Morph Target Test

A quick test i did with Static Mesh Morph Target.

[TIP] Make Logging easier in Unreal Engine 4

In this quick tip video, we will see how to create a header file that contains macros which makes logging easier and useful. You can then include this header file in other classes and access the log macro. Finally in Editor, we will use Session Frontend to filter our logs. :)

Hope you liked this video. :)

Free Infinity Blade Collection from Epic

Great news for a lot of developers out there! Epic Games just released thousands of assets from Infinity Blade Collection for FREE which you can use it for any of your Unreal Engine 4 Projects. In total, there’s about 7600 assets including weapons, effects, sounds etc. See the official blog post from Epic for more information.

Snapshot of the Infinity Blade Collection assets, not countiing effects, sound cues, and such

Download Assets:

Infinity Blade: Grass Lands

Infinity Blade: Ice Lands

Infinity Blade: Fire Lands

Infinity Blade: Warriors

Infinity Blade: Adversaries

Infinity Blade: Weapons

Infinity Blade: Effects

Infinity Blade: Sounds

Enjoy this massive gift from Epic. :)

[TIP] Generating Build Numbers for your game

When i am compiling my projects i would like to know how many times i compiled my project. So i made that kind of functionality for one of our project and thought i’ll share it with you guys. :)

First of all you need a header file to track the game build changes. Here is a screenshot of my header file from our project. Its called GameVersion.h



Next i created a simple text file called GAME_BUILD.txt and it contained only the build number. Nothing else. This file was located in my Project Source/Project Name folder. (for example: D:\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Source\MyProjectFolder). Here is a screenshot of that file.



Now comes the real part. Go to your Project Folder/Source and open up MyProject.Target.cs file. Here in this screenshot you can see how i modified the main function. Modify it like that and make sure to point to your GameVersion.h and GAME_BUILD.txt files correctly.

Target.cs file

Target.cs file

Now every time you compile your project it will automatically increment your build number. To access this build number simply include GameVersion.h file  and get GAME_BUILD_NUMBER. :)

Compile Output

Compile Output

Hope this tip was useful. :)

NOTE: The only downside to this method is it will always increment the build number even if your project fails to build.

[TIP] Renaming C++ Classes without breaking your project

Ever wondered how to rename your C++ classes that you already use in your project? For example, you have a C++ class called MyAwesomeClass and in your Content Browser you created a Blueprint extending from this class and added some important logic. Now if you rename the C++ parent class and compile, project might open but if you try to open that Blueprint you will see this error.

BlueprintErrorSimply put, your project is doomed………..Just kidding ;)

So in order to make this work, you need to tell Unreal that there is a new class for this and it should use that instead of the old one. In other words, you need to redirect from Old Class to New One and you do this in DefaultEngine.ini found in Your project/Config folder.

Open DefaultEngine.ini and under [/Script/Engine.Engine] section add the below line:


Thats it! Now you can start your project and open that Blueprint without issues. Hope you find this info useful. :)

Getting UV hit information from Line Trace in UE4

Hi all,

Recently Rama (a.k.a EverNewJoy (a.k.a God of Unreal C++)) did an amazing job on getting UV information from Line Trace/Ray Cast. To use this feature you need to have Github version of Unreal Engine.

Pull request: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/1022

Forum Link: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?65827-New-Wiki-How-to-get-UV-hit-information-back-from-Line-Traces-in-UE4

Wiki Link: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Line_Traces_/_RayCasts_How_To_Get_UV_Info_From_Hits

Map Editor using Blueprints and UMG

So yesterday i made something like a map editor using Unreal Engine Blueprints and UMG. This will be available to the UE4 community soon. :)

EDIT: You can download this from here: https://github.com/ryanjon2040/UE4-Map-Editor

Placeable buildings
Foliage painting
Placeable spawn point
Posses and Eject player
2 Camera modes: RTS and Free Cam


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