Terminal window (Ubuntu inspired) in UE4 using UMG

Just did a terminal window (inspired from Ubuntu) inside Unreal Engine 4 using UMG. Directories and files shown by the commands are not real but with a bit more work it should be possible to list real directories and files.


Fortnite style pickup system

Just made another Fortnite inspired stuff. This time I recreated the item pickup.

Here is the material graph:


Click for full image

Here is the pickup Blueprint:

Pickup Blueprint.PNG

Click for full image

Then inside character its just a matter of tracing and picking up the pickup item.

Trace Blueprint.PNG

Click for full image

Fortnite style building system

I just made a Fortnite style building system using Pivot Painter 2.0 script. I’ve also added support for foundation structures so there will be no floating structures. It is only a rough implementation.

Seascape ShaderToy Shader in UE4

Just attempted to convert Seascape shader from ShaderToy to UE4.
Unfortunately I haven’t got the coloring right though.

Original shader by TDM: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/Ms2SD1

Download here (Requires 4.19 or greater)

End Result:

Unreal Issue Tracker. Desktop app for UE4 issues.

Here is a free and open source app designed to interact with Unreal Engine Issues website.

You can get it from here: https://ryanjon2040.github.io/Unreal-Issue-Tracker/

Amazon GameLift Client plugin for Unreal Engine 4

I’ve made a Amazon GameLift Client plugin for Unreal Engine 4. Using this plugin, you can easily create Game Sessions, Player Sessions etc. Plugin is free to download and you can get it from here.


Want a city builder game in UE4?

You might know about my city builder game I was working on couple of months ago. Well it’s coming to Unreal Marketplace soon. 🙂

Here’s a quick video:

More information here: http://bit.ly/UE4-City-Builder

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