New Screenshot from my RTS Example Game

Another screenshot of my Strategy Example Game. Added  lot of functionality’s since last release.

1: Added Coherent-UI
2: Added Tooltips
3: Resource Handling
4: Grid placement
And many more…

NOTE: That overlay texture is from DOTA. Am using it as a placeholder only. 

As always…All done with Blueprints only! 

Screenshot showing Coherent-UI in Action!

Screenshot showing Coherent-UI in Action!

[Blog Update] Unreal Engine 4 Projects Download in My Tutorials

Just now i updated My Tutorials section with Unreal Engine 4 Projects and UDK Tutorials. Clicking on any Unreal Engine 4 Project will take you to the original blog post and you can download the project from there.

Hope you enjoy. :)

Updated video of my RTS Game in Unreal Engine 4

Update #2 for my RTS Example Game made in Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprints. (Click here for the old video)

New Features in update #2:

  • Multiple units (civilian and fighter)
  • Multiple buildings that can spawn each unit
  • Building construction now takes 12 seconds to complete.
  • Updated characters (From Epic’s Strategy Game Example)
  • Various sounds (From Epic’s Strategy Game Example)

Watch Dogs style camera hack in Blueprints

Recently i played Watch Dogs game and I really liked the camera hacking system so i decided to create a similar effect in Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprints only. I added Camera zooming functions too but forgot to show it on this video.

Download Project.

Basic Coherent-UI Test in Unreal Engine 4

A week ago i received license from Coherent-UI for Unreal Engine 4. I’ve been testing it for the past few days and here is a basic guide i made on how to play an animation on HUD. Everything is done in C++ and i used Blueprint only to call my custom animation function.

Strategy Game Example in Unreal Engine 4

Hello Everyone :)

Here is a RTS Game Example using Blueprints only in Unreal Engine 4. For the last couple of days i was trying to build this and so far the result seems good (i think) although lot more work needs to be done.

Camera movement with panning and zooming
Building structures that can spawn units
Player can select newly created units and control them

Drawing Projectile Trajectory in Unreal Engine 4

I did this projectile path drawing using Blueprints only. The only problem is it doesn’t follow the player.

Watch in HD:

Download Project


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