Basic Infinite/Runner Example game in UE4

A basic runner type game that I made in Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprints only. Player can collect coins and special pickups like Shield and Multiplier. I also made a custom save system to save player highscore. :)

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Unreal Engine 4 Released with Full C++ Source Code!

Thats right folks. Unreal Engine 4 has been released with Full C++ Source Code! But unlike UDK, UE4 is not available for free. You can get UE4 after subscribing for $20/month. Once you subscribe you can access Unreal Engine 4 in its entirety: the full suite of integrated tools, the features and the entire C++ source code, which includes code for the Unreal Editor and all the tools. Membership includes official documentation, tutorials and support resources, plus tons of free UE4 content. Download free template games, sample games and content examples from the Marketplace to quickly get on your way to building all sorts of fun things!

Unreal Engine 4 subscription enables you to deploy to Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Click Below:

[BETA] v3.1.5 Now Available

New version of Unreal X-Editor is now available. Click on “Check For Updates” to download or visit Downloads page.


–New Integrated Application: Content Browser Finder
–New Feature: Config Class Finder
–New Feature: Document Map
–New GoToLine dialog. (Press CTRL+G)
–New Code Editor Fullscreen option
–New Right Click Menu: Add Timestamp
–New Right Click Menu: Add Comment Block (Under Insert)
–New Right Click Menu: Add StartBlock (Under Insert)
–Added Final_Release flag in Compile Options
–Added Tab Reordering
–Added Text Drag & Drop
–Added support for Dual Monitor setups
–Added function/event name highlighting
–Improved Toast Notifications
–Improved Go To Function now continues searching on all parent classes until function is found
–Improved Autoindent
–Type colors (var, local, class names etc) are now customizable
–Class template now create simulated event Post/PreBeginPlay() instead of event
–Compiling scripts will no longer cause Ribbon to be disabled
–Right-clicking will now move the mouse caret properly
–Word Highlight is no longer case-sensitive
–Shift+Tab now decreases Tab Indent
–Changing syntax colors no longer requires Unreal X-Editor restart
–Users can now access class functions without selecting the whole word
–Clicking on line number will select the whole line
–Users can now load maps with custom extension under UDK Editor
–Fixed Unreal X-Editor running in background after exiting
–Fixed Template window stays open after exiting
–Fixed unable to read first entry in Code Explorer
–Fixed some minor issues with AutoIndent
–Fixed X-Editor Log showing incorrect class name when deleting from package viewer
–Fixed Report a bug staying behind About Window
–Fixed unable to type in Unhandled Exception Reporter

[Tutorial] Disabling Log outputs in your game

Ever wondered how to remove those log outputs (ScriptWarning, Warning etc) from your game? Well i just found out a neat way to disable them.

Check this screenshot. Yeah it got a lot of warnings.

Log Warnings

Now i want to disable the Error (first one in that log), ScriptLog and Warning. To do so, open DefaultEngine.ini and under [Core.System] add the +Suppress=<LogName> option. For example see the below screenshot.

Modify INI to include +Supress

Now delete UDKEngine.ini and start the game. All the specified logs will now be disabled!

After disabling:

Logs disabled

Unreal Engine 4 Fully Dynamic Day and Night Demo

Hi everyone,

You might have seen some screenshots of a city i made in UE4 (here and here) a few days ago. It was from my Time of Day demo and here is a video of it. All done using Blueprints only. No C++ used. :D

Running real-time in Unreal Engine 4 Editor.

New Features: Tab Reordering and Function Highlight

Hi everyone,

I added support for Tab Re-Ordering (not undockable) and Dynamic Function Highlight. Dynamic Function Highlighting will highlight any functions and events in your file (and yes color can be customized!). Here is a screenshot:

Notice how events and functions are now colored (Click for larger image).

Notice how events and functions are now colored (Click for larger image).

Fireworks in Unreal Engine 4

I made some firework particles in Unreal Engine 4 and here are the results. The illumination on buildings is done by particle lights! :)

Fireworks in Unreal Engine 4

Fireworks in Unreal Engine 4

Fireworks in Unreal Engine 4

Fireworks in Unreal Engine 4

Fireworks in Unreal Engine 4


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