[Download] Forced Perspective Gameplay in UE4

Hi all,

Few months ago i saw this amazing tech demo from Pillow Castle that uses Forced Perspective and i wanted to try this in <you-know-the-awesome-engine>. Anyway, I’ll let the video speak.

Please let me know what you think. And for those who wonder…this is all voodoo Blueprint magic :P ;)

Watch In HD:


Requires Unreal Engine 4.5.1 or higher

Download Project: http://bit.ly/ForcedPerspective_Project

Extended Third Person Template

I created this Extended TPS Template in my free-time. Please check it out. :)

Watch in HD

Requires Unreal Engine 4.5.0 Preview or higher

Download Project (105 MB)

My models for RTS Community Project

Some of my models i created for my RTS Community Project. They are not textured though. I’d greatly appreciate if someone is willing to texture these. :)


Livestock farm


Defense Tower

Large Dock


[Download 3dsmax Maxscript] FBX to UE4 Batch Exporter v1.1

Back in UE4 beta days, i created a 3dsmax script to export some of my old meshes created for UDK to UE4. Since there was a lot of meshes i decided to write a Maxscript that will process all the FBX meshes from a given folder and export them to another folder as 2013 FBX so you can add them to UE4 without any compatibility errors. Later i also added the ability to export scene meshes too.

I thought its better to share it here so 3dsmax guys can make use of this.

How to use (If you want to convert old meshes from folder):
1: Navigate to your folder path that contains old FBX meshes (FBX Files Path field)
2: Choose the files from the list
3: Choose options
4: Select a location where you want to save new FBX’s
5: Click Export Files. Grab a cup of coffee and relax.

How to use (If you want to convert scene meshes):
1: Enable Process Scene Files Only
2: Choose options
3: Select a location where you want to save new FBX’s
4: Click Export Files. Grab a cup of coffee and relax.

Here is the UI:

UI in 3dsmax

























Download: https://db.tt/DX2k3uuw

How to run:
1: Open 3dsmax
2: On Menubar, click on MAXScript and select Run Script…
3: Select this script and open. You should now see the UI.

RTS Community Project: FayCliff Map

I updated the textures on FayCliff map. There is no landscape painting. In Material Editor i used Lerps with various Masks generated by World Machine.

FayCliff_1 FayCliff_2 FayCliff_3 FayCliff_4

RTS Community Project Update #2

So here is my latest work on RTS Community Project. I added the ability to spawn resources in editor using Blutility.

RTS Community Project Update #1

So here is my latest work on RTS Community Project. I have added the ability to select multiple units (via selection box) and move them all around! :)


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