Mini Tutorial on rendering occluded actors using Post-Process

This is a mini screenshot tutorial based on a project i did a few days ago.

First of all create a new material in Content Browser and set the material domain to Post-Process. Then follow below steps:

Line Render. (Re created from Google)

Scanlines (Ignore this if you dont want scanlines

And finally connect the last node to Emissive Color

To make it work, set “Render Custom Depth” flag to enabled and set the Bounds scale to higher (10) otherwise mesh sometimes will not render properly when behind.

Set Custom Depth and increase Bounds Scale

And here is a screenshot of my Material Parameter Collection.

Material Parameter Collection


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  1. Could you please upload this affect in an Unreal Project? I’ve attempted to set this up, but there must be something I’m missing that is not shown in the above images. Possibly a setting/value on one of the Blueprint nodes.


  2. Hello, i worked myself trough the tutorial but there are some questions left behind and it doesn´t work, i always get a black screen. I set up everything just like you but the first thing that confuses me is where to put the end of part one. You commented the node “Connect this to add 1” but the node “add1” does not exist on the other parts. So i plugged it into Lerp1.The next thing is that your Linecolor seems to be a gradient. Which i don´t know how to set up. The post process effect is set up in a post process volume under Blendables. Perhaps this is the problem? A picture of the whole material tree would help alot. Thanks in Advance


  3. Hi! I have to say it was very helpful for me – the effect is great and the tutorial is even greater! However I spent a lot of time trying to achieve the material effect you are showing on your video from 1:15 till the end (grid on occluded parts) – without success. Can you possibly show this material’s setup or at least give me a hint how to create a mask only of occluded part of object? I will be incredibly grateful 🙂


  4. Hi! How did you make the blueprint version? I wanted to avoid using the post process volume and also control which objects I cannot see through using the custom depth.


  5. Hi, stupid question, but how do you bind this effect to x like you do in the vídeo ?


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